The UnWanted Guest

That is my arm. This was my band that dictated how the nurses would handle me. I was a fall risk due to the anesthesia that I was under. I was also allergy prone to latex and possibly other lubricants that they might use in the procedure. This was a day I was excited and … Read more

The Work Continues

I woke up to an email telling me that my client had died. He was a stubborn young man whom I had to win over. Not with charm or fake promises. But, with genuine care and authentic concern. I would often tell him that I needed him to to fight with me by doing his … Read more

Unpacking Our Pact

Unpacking Our Pack

We were single and educated young Black Women taking on this world with our sassy vibe and unique style. We were invincible….so we thought. She had the electric smile that should have been on a toothpaste aid campaign. Beautiful melanin sparkling all that Black Girl Magic. I was the same yet a bit more reserved … Read more

Repurposed on Purpose

The trials of life causes use to bend and sometimes break. We oftentimes do not feel like we are going to make it or even survive the tests. I know for me, I ask God – did you really do this on purpose for a purpose? And what in the world could that be? God … Read more

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