The Work Continues

The Work Continues

I woke up to an email telling me that my client had died.

He was a stubborn young man whom I had to win over. Not with charm or fake promises. But, with genuine care and authentic concern. I would often tell him that I needed him to to fight with me by doing his part.

And eventually, he did just that.

It took him 3 months but he finally cooperated with me. He became more compliant and more communicative. His untimely death made me feel so defeated because he was robbed of life here on Earth. I wanted him to have a better life. A life filled with kept promises and unlimited possibilities.

Once again my hopes were shattered because just 5 months earlier another client passed away. She was a teen mother who never felt loved and wanted by her family. She was a joy to be around yet always troubled by her past.

I continue to have hope and pursue the best of life for all of my clients. But, moments like these stifle my emotions and dulls my razor sharp focus.

However, in everything the scripture tells us to give thanks.

And so, I feel privileged to have known these two beautiful souls. I feel honored to have served them. I feel overwhelmed by memories of their smiles and laughter. I feel graced to have been in their presence. What an honor that God would pair them with me. My cup is not half empty. My cup is not half full. My cup is overflowing with their contributions to my life’s work.

I am a better advocate. A better listener. A more compassionate friend. And my work continues….inside out.

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I have some incredible people in my inner circle that provide sound advice and listen to my wildest imaginative ideas.

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God says HE BROUGHT you out of that sunken place. As a direct result of your deliverance from that place, He opens your mouth WIDE.

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Lamenting – I seem to find myself in situations where people hide their true intentions until surprise – it seems to come out of nowhere without warning.

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