The Power to Walk Away

I choose to look at this picture fuel for me to use my “power” for the greater good even if that means stepping away.

When looking at this picture I see that the 8th match is pulled away so that it does not become the catalyst for the other unlit matches to ignite. It is interesting that the caption says the “power to step away”. I do understand that becoming burnt out or causing others to burn out is a real thing. Additionally, the idea that the 8th match could be the catalyst to cause others to be harmed or be ineffective is evident. I mean what good are burning matches laying on desk or paper. Obviously, the matches were not being used productively, right? Or could we look at this being the 7 used matches had given all that they had and now was passing the flame to match #8? Or could it be Match #8 was not on her post, in her right position so that she continues the flame moving forward so that others could catch the flame and possibly be used effectively?

I really see the Match #8 being fearful of being used up and saving itself for the sake of itself. Kind of selfish and not selfless. Especially considering the other matches seemingly will never have that fire or zeal to carry through. Either way, several thoughts can be seen here.

I choose to look at the caption as when one uses its power to preserve itself and not thinking about the rest thereafter. I choose to look at the caption as one who stops inflammatory, baseless accusations, policies, and procedures from infecting others in like or lesser positions. I choose to look at this picture fuel for me to use my “power” for the greater good even if that means stepping away.

There have been countless situations where I have chosen not to stop clapping back to inflammatory emails and just Selah for good! That really angers those who want to have email battles especially when I bow out. Then there are times when I state a position and do not move from that position even when I am standing alone. It is in those times that I really want to blend in like paint. He has called me to a different standard. Not a self-righteous, always right standard; but to a standard of we must always do our best for all people. So, for now I will stay at my post, maintain my gate position until He says differently.

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