The Priesthood of the Dance: A Manual for the Dance Minister

The Priesthood of the Dance was initially published in 2007. It has reached Europe, Canada, Africa, Caribbean Islands, and across the United States of America in its 14 years of publication. This is the 3rd Edition. It is a manual for the beginner to the advance minister of dance who utilizes the artistry of dance as a worship tool in both the spiritual and secular arenas. This manual will challenge the minister of dance to explore the Jewish roots, cultural bias and Biblical understandings of the ministry of dance in order to formulate the foundation for spiritual development and growth. The minister of dance will explore Biblical foundation of Hebrew and Greek translations, color meanings, symbols and so much more. The worshipper who dances will enjoy this step-by-step process in developing their understandings of dance through the eyes of God, the Creator of all things which includes this amazing art form.

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