I Am HIS Jewel Tee Shirt

We use all of our gifts and talents to establish HIS Kingdom here on the Earth. Knowing that we are a jewel in HIS diadem, we function in every system of this World. We are PSALMISTS, ARTISTS, MINSTRELS, PREACHERS, TEACHERS, EVANGELISTS, APOSTLES, PASTORS, PROPHETS, MIME, AUTHORS, DANCERS, LAWYERS, DOCTORS, MISSIONARIES, and the list goes on. Wear this tee shirt with confidence knowing that He has called you as HIS jewels. Great tee shirt for ministry groups to wear doing out reach in the community or ministry in the movement arts. It makes a great gift for everyone no matter their age or gender.

Scripture: “The Lord their God will save them at that time as HIS very own flock of people, because they are HIS crown jewels, exalted throughout HIS land.”

Zechariah 9:16 ISV

Sizes Med, L, XL. Other sizes can be special ordered.

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